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Supply Chain Management


From driving operational efficiency and increasing profit margins to minimizing inventory and better managing assets, EMS2020 partners with you to make your business more competitive.

Flexible. Fast. Reliable.

With our expertise and local and global network relationships, we deliver flexible supply chain solutions to help improve your business where it counts most - profitability and growth.

From Design Support to Post Manufacturing.

At EMS2020, we support your supply chain needs across your entire product lifecycle, from design support to manufacturing to post manufacturing.

Design Support:

Partner with EMS2020 early on in your process, and we can help you significantly increase product reliability, reduce costs and make sure your product gets to market faster.

Manufacturing and Fulfillment:

EMS2020 offers flexible supply chain solutions to meet your changing market demands. We can help you improve product quality, reduce inventory, increase asset utilization and, most importantly,  improve relationships with both your suppliers and your customers. EMS2020 helps increase efficiencies and remove complexities everywhere across your supply chain.

Post Manufacturing:

From product repair and asset recovery to forward and reverse logistics, we'll help you reduce costs and improve supply and relationships for both you and your customers.

Whether you're an OEM for the communications, automotive, medical, multimedia, peripherals, computing or industrial controls industries, EMS2020 offers flexible design and development support solutions to meet your complex needs. After all, we don't want to just be your vendor today, but your EMS partner for the future.