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Design & Development


From design for manufacture through to first production builds, EMS2020 accommodates all of your design and development support needs - making sure you get your product right the first time. After all, you don't have time to waste.

Design for Manufacture

Cut labor and parts costs. Reduce assembly and product development time. Increase product quality. Bring us your design, and our analysts will quickly determine how to build your product better and more efficiently - saving you valuable time and money.

Design for Procurement

There are many ways to build a product, but you need to be sure yours stands the test of time. We know which components are here to stay and which will soon be obsolete. And we'll make sure you have a steady supply of parts to keep your products in the marketplace well into the future.

Design for Assembly

By addressing your manufacturing and assembly issues right at the design stage, we can quickly simplify your product and reduce assembly costs - while increasing productivity.


Be first to market with our fast prototype services. From smaller SMT boards to complex multi-layer projects, EMS2020 can meet your fast turn-around needs - without sacrificing quality.

First Production Builds

EMS2020 goes the extra mile to ensure quality in materials, consistency in supply and efficiencies in manufacturing processes - and this is where it  all comes together to produce a high quality and reliable product you can confidently deliver to your customers.

Whether you're an OEM for the communicationsautomotivemedicalmultimediaperipheralscomputing or industrial controls industries, EMS2020 offers flexible design and development support solutions to meet your complex needs. After all, we don't want to just be your vendor today, but your EMS partner for the future.